Transfer/Office Orders

01.08.2017 Office Order No.138_ Notification Regarding Pay Fixation Option-Last date 28-08-17
09.08.2017 Office Order No.100_ Posting Order of Smt Kiran Pathak and Shri Manoj Kumar
09.08.2017 Office Order No.99 Posting Order of Shri Shailendra Chhatrashali
04.08.2017 Office Order No.98 Deputation Notification for Regional Training Institute, Mumbai
03.08.2017 Office Order No.97 Deputation Notification for Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi
03.08.2017 Office Order No.96 Deputation Notification for National Technical Research Organisation, New Delhi
01.08.2017 Office Order No.94 Deputation Extension Order of Officials posted on deputation from O/o CAG
26.07.2017 Office Order No.92 Deputation Extension Order of Shri Sujit Kumar Dey for fourth year
21.07.2017 Office Order No.115 Relieving Order of Shri Netra Pal to Office of AG(Audit) Uttarakhand, Dehradoon
19.07.2017 Office Order No.114 Transfer order of Shri Kuldeep Singh Mal and Shri Vikas Choudhary
24.07.2017 Office Order No.86 Deputation Notification at office of C&AG, New Delhi
20.07.2017 Office Order No.85 Transfer Order of Shri Dilip Kumar
17.07.2017 Office Order No.84 Extension order for deputation for 5th year of Shri.Ranjan Singh
11.07.2017 Office Order No.76 Extension order for deputation period for 8th year w.e.f.01-05-17 to 30-04-18 to Shri. Praveen Kumar.
12.07.2017 Office Order No.42 Notification for Limited Departmental Competitive Exam for promotion of MTS to Clerk
10.07.2017 Office Order No.103_ Notification for the post of Welfare Assistant
05.07.2017 Office Order No.100 Financial Upgradation Order of Shri. Mata Prasad Gaur and Shri Govind
07.07.2017 Office Order No.74 Deputation Notice for International Centre for Environment Audit & Sustainable Development, Jaipur
05.07.2017 Office Order No.70 Deputation Extension Order of Smt. Priyanka Kumari
05.07.2017 Office Order No.68 Joining Order Shri Yogendra Singh
28.06.2017 Office Order No.64_ Relieving Order of Shri Vijay Raj Kumar Jakkala
16.06.2017 Office Order No.58 Office Order for Core Faculty (EDP) at RTI, Shillong
05.06.2017 Office Order No.67 Transfer Order of Shri Raj Kumar Yadav
02.06.2017 Office Order No.64 Order of Mutual Transfer of Shri Amit Singh Pal
30.05.2017 Office Order No.61 Office Order Regarding MACP Upgradation
13.06.2017 Office Order No.56 Notification for deputation in Office of C&AG of India, New Delhi
08.06.2017 Office Order No.54 Circular Regarding Deputation vaccancies for Asst. Audit Officers
06.06.2017 Office Order No.52 Notification for deputation at iCISA, Noida
25.05.2017 Office Order No.48 Posting Order of Shri Sandeep Kumar
30.05.2017 Office Order No.47 Notification for deputation in Office of Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi
26.05.2017 Office Order No.46 Posting Order of Shri Sunil Kumar Bhargav
25.05.2017 Office Order No.44 Notification for deputation in National Green Tribunal, New Delhi
24.05.2017 Office Order No.41_2 Extension of Deputation of Shri Naveen Kumar Saha
19.05.2017 Office Order No.41 Transfer order of Shri Manindra Kumar Singh
23.05.2017 Office Order No.40 Notification for deputation in National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore
22.05.2017 Office Order No.37 Extension of Deputation of Shri S Karthikeyan, Asstt. Audit Officer
22.05.2017 Office Order No.35 Upgradation of office from Office of AG(G&SSA) to Office of Pr.AG(G&SSA)
17.05.2017 Office Order No.33 Sanction of Special Casual Leave to Shri Anoop Mishra
17.05.2017 Office Order No.31 Transfer order of Shri Istaiyak Ansari
18.04.2017 Office Order No.12 Office Order inviting application for deputation in RTI Nagpur
17.04.2017 Office Order No.14_2 Corridendum regarding DOR of Shri M Siddiqui Shri Sultan Singh & Shri Hari Prakash
21.04.2017 Office Order No. 14 Office Order inviting application for deputation in Ministry of Women & Child Development
21.04.2017 Office Order No.15_a Office Order Inviting Application for Deputation in Office of C&AG
17.04.2017 Office Order No.15 Corridendum regarding Financial upgradation under MACP Scheme
28.04.2017 Office Order No.26 Deputation Order for Foreign Cadre
02.05.2017 Office Order No. 32 Transfer Order of Shri Phool Singh Batham
Year 2016-17
22.03.2017 Office Order No. 123 Office Order Regarding Supplymentary SAS Exam
22.03.2017 Office Order No. 312 Deputation Order in Ministry of Defence
30.03.2017 Office Order No. 320 Promotion Order of Audit Officers to Sr. Audit Officers in Level 10
31.03.2017 Office Order No. 488 Transfer Order of Shri Ravi Khadoria
31.03.2017 Office Order No. 493 Transfer Order of Shri Vivek Mishra
31.03.2017 Office Order No. 496 Promotion Order of Shri Girdharilal and Shri Phool Singh Batham
10.03.2017 Office Order No. 473 M A C P Order of Shri M Siddiqui, Shri Sultan Singh, Shri P Vilimbe, Shri Hari Prakash
03.03.2017 Office Order No. 463 M A C P Order of Shri Ghan Shyam Gond
07.03.2017 Office Order No. 301 Transfer Order of Shri. Rameshwar Singh, Shri P.N.Rao, Shri V.P.Singh, Shri Amit Kumar
27.02.2017 Office Order No. 293 Promotion Order of Shri Dinesh Chandra
27.02.2017 Office Order No. 291 Deputation Extension Order of Shri Rajendra Prasad Garg
27.02.2017 Office Order No. 290 Transfer Order of Shri Suchit Kumar and other Sr. AOs/AOs
27.02.2017 Office Order No. 289 Transfer Order of Shri Deepak Sharma
27.02.2017 Office Order No. 287 Transfer Order of Shri Anurag Dixit, Shri Vivek Sinha, Shri Pradeep Kumar, Shri Swapan Saha and Shri Sibi Joseph
17.02.2017 Office Order No. 445 Transfer Order of Shri Niraj Kumar Gupta
14.02.2017 Office Order No. 437 MACP Order in respect of Shri Anura Bhan
10.02.2017 Office Order No. 432 Posting order of Shri Kiran Pal Singh (Auditor)
08.02.2017 Office Order No. 428 Office order regarding granting of financial upgradation of Shri Devendra Singh (MTS) and others
11.01.2017 Office Order No. 261 Office order regarding cancellation of Posting of Shri Mahendra Kumar Wahi and Shri Pradeep Kumar
10.01.2017 Office Order No. 405 Office order regarding granting of financial upgradation of Shri Nand Kishore(MTS),Shri Manoj Kumar Savita (Sr Auditor) and Shri ram Das (MTS)
04.01.2017 Office Order No. 250 Posting order of Shri Mukesh Kumar Gupta (Supervisor)
30.12.2016 Office Order No. 374 Promotion order of Shri Akash Banjare, Shri Rakesh Gouhar, Shri arvind Kumar, Shri Ajbendra Singh (All MTS)
26.12.2016 Office Order No. 366 Office order regarding modification in date of granting first financial upgradation of Shri Sanjay Kumar Saunakiya (AAO)
26.12.2016 Office Order No. 243 Office order regarding appointment of Shri Bach Raj Tiwari, Shri Ram Surat Maurya and Shri Philip Simon to the post of AAO
14.12.2016 Office Order No. 330 Office order regarding granting financial upgradation of Smt. Uran Bai (MTS) and others
14.12.2016 Office Order No. 231 Office order regarding extention of deputation period of Smt. Akansha Upadhyay (Sr. Auditor)
07.12.2016 Office Order No.227 Office order regarding declaration of public holiday on account of "Id-e-Milad "
07.12.2016 Office Order No. 225 Posting order of Shri Mahendra Kumar Wahi (AAO) and Shri Pradeep Kumar (AAO)
07.12.2016 Office Order No. 226 Posting order of Shri Vishwajeet Bhonsle (AAO)
07.12.2016 Office Order No. 224 Posting order of Shri Vijay Sugandhi,Shri Vijay Kumar, Shri Manoj Kumar Singh Sheoran, Shri Bani Prakash Meena,Shri Uday Gwalherkar and Shri Kishan Lal ( Sr. AOs)
09.11.2016 Office Order No. 208 Office order regarding extention of deputation period of Smt. Sandhya Thakare
29.11.2016 Office Order No. 219 Promotion order of Shri Jitendra Singh Kaushal (AAO)
22.11.2016 Office Order No. 305 Office order regarding acceptance of Mutual Transfer of Smt. Vandana Parate with Shri Arjun Lal Yadav
18.11.2016 Office Order No. 215 Office order regarding debarment of Shri Naredra Saxena from the post of Supervisor
15.11.2016 Office Order No. 213 Joining order of Shri Pankaj Sengar (AO)
27.10.2016 Office Order No. 294 Office order regarding acceptance of Mutual Transfer of Shri Neeraj Kumar Singh with Shri Ram Dayal Meena
28.10.2016 Office Order No. 199 Promotion order of Shri Pankaj Sengar (AAO)
27.10.2016 Office Order No. 197 Office order regarding debarment of Shri Ashok Kumar (Sr. Auditor)
25.10.2016 Office Order No. 193 Posting order of Shri Rajan Singh (AAO) and Shri Praveen Shrivastava (AAO)
26.10.2016 Office Order No. 363 Office order regarding Vigilance Awareness Week-2016
24.10.2016 Office Order No. 192 Office order regarding fixation of pay of Shri Narendra Saxena,Smt. Krishna Ghos Das,Shri Ashok Kumar (Sr. Auditors)
24.10.2016 Office Order No. 284 Deputation order of Shri Nitin Kumar (Sr. Auditor)
21.10.2016 Office Order No. 188 Office order related to extention of Deputation period of Shri Ashish Kumar Dwivedi
21.10.2016 Office Order No. 190 Posting order of Shri Sanjay Saxena (Supervisor)
21.10.2016 Office Order No. 189 Posting order of Shri Bach Raj Tiwari(AAO),Shri Ram surat Maurya(AAO) and Shri Philip Simon (AAO)
21.10.2016 Office Order No. 281 Deputation order of Ms. Jyoti Rani (DEO)
18.10.2016 Office Order No. 270 Posting order of Shri Manjeet Lakra(DEO) and Shri Bhanwar Singh (Clerk)
04.10.2016 Office Order No. 179 Transfer order of Shri Ekbal Shankar Shrivastava(AO)
04.10.2016 Office Order No. 178 Deputation order of Shri Gajendra Singh Kushwah(Sr. AO)
28.09.2016 Office Order No. 248 Posting order of Shri Ashok Kumar Supekar(Supervisor), Shri Dinesh Singh(Sr. Auditor), Shri Anoop Mishra(Sr Auditor), Shri Rajinder Singh(Sr. Auditor),Shri Jitendra Agrawal(Auditor), Ms. Deeksha Chauhan(DEO),Shri Harshit Prakash(DEO)
12.09.2016 Office Order No. 245 Office order regarding retirement of Shri C. Ramdas , Shri Madhukar Sayaji Parate and Shri Shankar Lal Arya
23.08.2016 Office Order No. 159 Posting Order of Shri Sanjay Singh Bhadoriya (AO) ,Shri Manoj Kumar Gupta(AO)
22.08.2016 Office Order No. 158 Office order regarding pay fixation of Shri Vivek Mishra
22.08.2016 Office Order No.157 Office order regarding pay fixation of Smt. Radha Kushwah
16.08.2016 Office Order No. 153 Office order regarding Debarment of Shri Arunodaya Mishra
04.08.2016 Office Order No. 144 Office order regarding Pay fixation of Shri Krishna(Supervisor)
03.08.2016 Office Order No. 143 Office order regarding promotion of shri Mukesh Kumar Sharma
02.08.2016 Office Order No. 200 Office order regarding retirement of Shri Vijay ahadur Singh Gautam(Sr. AO)
02-08-2016 Office Order No. 199 Option form related to 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC)
01-08-2016 Office Order No. 138 Promotion Order of Shri Arunodaya Mishra
01-08-2016 Office Order No. 137 Posting Order of Smt Susan Varghese
01-08-2016 Office Order No. 136 Promotion Order of Shri Manoj Kumar Gupta
14-07-2016 Office Order No. 165 Positing Order of Shri Naved Khan
14-07-2016 Office Order No. 117 Posting Order of Shri Kali Charan, Shri RAm Kishan Sharma
04-07-2016 Office Order No. 103 Posting Order of Shri Bhanwar Singh Meena
16-06-2016 Office Order No. 80 Posting Order of Smt. Rashmi Mishra, Shri Ashish Kumar Agarawal and Shri Brindawan Ludele
19-05-2016 Office Order No. 60 Tansfer Order of Shri Jagdish Prajapati, Rinku Singh and Deepak Dalal
09-05-2016 Office Order No. 44 Transfer Order of Smit Smita Saxena, Shri Bihari Lai Sahu, Shri Shyam Naranya Prasad
27-04-2016 Office Order No. 29 Transfer Order of Shri Hari Babu and Shri Martin Tirkey
27-04-2016 Office Order No. 26 Posting Order of Shri Anusheel Jhori, Shri Jitendra Kumar Mishra,Shri Arunodaya Mishra,Shri Arun Shrivastava, Shri Keshaw Shakya
12-04-2016 Office Order No.04 Posting Order of Shri Vikas Agnihotri

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